1. ALL SUMMER officially announced transfers, should be submitted as immediate AND NOT as future transfers.
2. LOANS should be -1 year, since the game starts in summer 2022. For example, a real life loan ending on 30.6.2024, should be submitted as a loan until 30.6.2023.
Winter ending loans should be submitted until 31.12.2022 & not 31.12.2023 like in real life.
3. No speculations/rumours OR FABRIZIO ROMANO.

Football Manager Transfer Update

Vélez 2023


Staff (45)

Profile icon for Mariano Fanesi Mariano Fanesi Fitness Coach (Reserve Team) 14254652
Profile icon for Nicolás Czechowicz Nicolás Czechowicz Fitness Coach (First Team) 2000079771
Profile icon for Brian Córdoba Brian Córdoba Chief Doctor 2002114227
Profile icon for Carlos Leoni Carlos Leoni Head Physio 14159010
Profile icon for Claudio Estenssoro Claudio Estenssoro Physio 14159011
Profile icon for Marcelo Pacheco Marcelo Pacheco Physio 14201712
Profile icon for José Vázquez José Vázquez Physio (Reserve Team) 2000142565
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Profile icon for Camilo Franckabudski Camilo Franckabudski Performance Analyst 2000227433
Profile icon for Valentín Galván Valentín Galván Performance Analyst 2002126093
Profile icon for Luis Tissera Luis Tissera Performance Analyst (Reserve Team) 2002126094
Profile icon for Alfredo Scianna Alfredo Scianna Recruitment Analyst 14164596
Profile icon for Sebastián Rossi Sebastián Rossi Recruitment Analyst 2002126092