1. ALL SUMMER officially announced transfers, should be submitted as immediate AND NOT as future transfers.
2. LOANS should be -1 year, since the game starts in summer 2022. For example, a real life loan ending on 30.6.2024, should be submitted as a loan until 30.6.2023.
Winter ending loans should be submitted until 31.12.2022 & not 31.12.2023 like in real life.
3. No speculations/rumours OR FABRIZIO ROMANO.

Football Manager Transfer Update
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Lion Bello

28124745 · Uncontracted

Born on 10th February 2003
Plays as D/WB L

Historical Changes

Last updated on 4th June 2023
  • Released on a free transfer.

    TheFM_Teacher v23.4
Regular Transfer Colchester
Free Agent

Lion Bello player profile in 2023

Lion Bello is a 20 year old professional footballer from England playing as D/WB L.

Potential: Can Still Improve