• Contracts have the same duration as in real life. E.G. : Ramsey joined Juventus until 30.6.2023. Same goes here.
• Loans must be - 1 year from real life, since the game starts in June/July 2018. 
E.G. Patrick Roberts joined Norwich until 30.6.2019 instead of 30.6.2020.
• Provide a detailed and specific proof for each player. No speculations/rumors, only officially announced transfers.

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  1. Bologna
  2. Roberto Soriano

Italy Roberto Soriano

43044387 · Plays for Bologna

Italy Footballer Roberto Soriano in 2019. Data profile of Roberto Soriano who is contracted to Bologna. For primary use with Football Manager 2019.
8 Born on 8th February 1991
Plays as AM LC
£22,287 p/w until 30th June 2023
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Historical Changes

Last updated on 6th June 2019
  • Transferred to Bologna, Wage set to £22,287 per week, Contract expiry set to 30/06/2023, Recalled from loan. Heval v19.3
Regular Transfer Villarreal