1. TRANSFERS AND LOANS have the same duration like in real life! Loans are -1 year ONLY on the summer transfers file.
2. ONLY OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED TRANSFERS are accepted/included. NO speculations, NO Fabrizio Romano. 
3. Before pressing the SUBMIT button, please MAKE SURE you are 100% sure of what you are submitting. Many transfers with many mistakes can lead to frustration.

FM Transfer Update
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Football Manager Transfer Update

Play FM 2022 with updated squads as if it's FM23.

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Live FM Transfer Update

I know what you’re thinking now; why use this transfer update over other unofficial data updates out there? Well, there are a few good reasons as a matter of fact:

  • Most Advanced Online Editor
  • User Friendly Transfer Wizard
  • Most Detailed Data Edits Possible
  • Community Driven, Collaborative Effort
  • Led & Supervised by pr0 & his team
  • Endorsed by the mighty FM Scout

Both guests and FMTU members can download our transfer update for free.

Our transfer update is currently averaging hundreds of new changes per day. As the summer transfer window is now open, this is the busiest period of the year for FMTU.

As a member here, you can directly download our transfer update for free. The downloadable database is automatically repacked every morning.

As a guest you can freely grab pr0's data pack on fmscout.com which includes the FMTU update.

You need a free member account to submit edits.

To become an admin you first have to prove that you can be trusted. Updating the database frequently with correct and reliable information, will lead you to eventually become one. You will be approached by pr0 if it is felt you would make a good transfer admin.