♦ ALL summer transfers, starting from the 1st of July, should be submitted as immediate & NOT future transfers.

♦ Loans with a duration less than 6 months (in most cases from Russia/Ukraine to other nations) should NOT be submitted.

♦ Those who want to assist TheNotoriousPr0 with the update packs by providing suggestions, have a more direct contact with him, or looking for a place to hang & share their FM achievements, feel free to join a brand new discord server that it's been created:

 TheNotoriousPr0 FM Updates 

*It's only related to TheNotoriousPr0's packs, the premium users have a different server.

Football Manager Transfer Update

FMTU Special Thanks

Shout out to our friends who kindly support the FMTU project one way or another.

We firmly believe in this project. Serious effort has been put into all of its aspect, from planning to development and from publishing to promotion. To be honest though, we haven't really touched the latter until June 2018.

On this page we're highlighting content created by people who are helping us with data collection, with graphical addons that spice up this website, and others who spread the love about FMTU. Your support is much appreciated!

Data Experts




Brazilian Portuguese Rafael Montagner
French FM Guru
German 53bast1an
Italian ALAN10
Norwegian Mathias Svenson
Russian Dvoegor
Polish Karol Cłapa
Spanish Alberto Millán
Turkish Ramoscu