FMTU is locked in preparation of FM22. A big thanks to everyone who downloaded & became premium to help the project. See you in a month!

FM Transfer Update
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FM21 Transfer Update

The FMTU files contain transfers and contract changes for players & staff worldwide. For further data changes, such as promotions & relegations or new wonderkids, we recommend Pr0's Data Pack that you can freely grab on which includes the FMTU update.

Daily Repack

  • Published
    October 11th, 13:26 UTC
  • 81,101
    Total Changes
  • 35,752
    People Updated
  • 464
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Pr0's Data Pack

  • Published
    October 1st 2021
  • Next Repack
    October 10th 2021
    • FMTU
    • General Changes
    • New Wonderkids
    • CA/PA Changes
    • More...
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FM20 Transfer Update

  • Published: November 1st 2020
  • Total Changes 94,771
  • People Updated 42,202
  • Contributors 329
  • Worldwide transfers of players & staff
  • Published: November 1st 2020
  • FMTU Transfer Update
  • Promotions & Relegations
  • General Changes (Chairmen, Club Affiliations, Stadiums, Captains)
  • Real Life Agents
  • New Wonderkids
  • CA/PA Changes
  • 3 League Addons (Cyprus, Greece, India)

Installation Instructions

  1. Click on the "Download Update" button to grab the latest repack of our transfer update.
  2. You will get a file called "FM21 Transfers (by FMTU).fmf". Do not try to open that.
  3. Move this .fmf file to your "editor data" folder. By default that folder is located at: Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > editor data.
  4. Open FM21 and start a new "Career" game.
  5. On the "Career Game Setup" screen, click on the top right "Database 21.4.0 Update" button and make sure "FM21 Transfers (by FMTU)" is enabled.

Do not use this together with other transfer update files!
You shouldn't need to anyway. FMTU is the best transfer update out there! :)