1. ALL SUMMER officially announced transfers, should be submitted as immediate AND NOT as future transfers.
2. LOANS should be -1 year, since the game starts in summer 2022. For example, a real life loan ending on 30.6.2024, should be submitted as a loan until 30.6.2023.
Winter ending loans should be submitted until 31.12.2022 & not 31.12.2023 like in real life.
3. No speculations/rumours OR FABRIZIO ROMANO.

Football Manager Transfer Update

Empoli 2023


Players (68)

Profile icon for Nicolò Cambiaghi Nicolò Cambiaghi AM LC, F C 06/2023 43295822
Profile icon for Emmanuel Gyasi Emmanuel Gyasi AM RL, ST 06/2025 43112998
Profile icon for Herculano Nabian Herculano Nabian AM RL, ST 06/2027 83337931
Profile icon for Andrea Sodero Andrea Sodero AM RL, ST 06/2023 2000024742
Profile icon for Francesco Massarelli Francesco Massarelli AM RL, ST 06/2025 2000184820
Profile icon for Daniel Maldini Daniel Maldini AM RLC 06/2023 43371896
Profile icon for Stiven Shpendi Stiven Shpendi AM RLC, F C 06/2025 43616542
Profile icon for Riccardo Fini Riccardo Fini AM RLC 06/2023 2000024719
Profile icon for Luca Magazzù Luca Magazzù AM/F C 06/2023 43500445
Profile icon for Tommaso Baldanzi Tommaso Baldanzi AM/F C 06/2027 43591641
Profile icon for Mattia Destro Mattia Destro ST 06/2024 43008779
Profile icon for Francesco Caputo Francesco Caputo ST 06/2025 43016849
Profile icon for Samuele Diodato Samuele Diodato ST 06/2024 2000021352
Profile icon for Noah El Biache Noah El Biache ST 06/2024 2000094995
Profile icon for Giacomo Corona Giacomo Corona ST 06/2023 2000104707
Profile icon for Aylan Benyahia-Tahi Aylan Benyahia-Tahi ST 06/2024 2000105477
Profile icon for Shalom Ekong Shalom Ekong ST 06/2023 2000132682
Profile icon for Cristian Lamberta Cristian Lamberta ST 06/2025 2000184822