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Football Manager Transfer Update

Al-Wakrah 2023


Players (39)

Profile icon for Faisal Abdullah Faisal Abdullah M C 06/2024 2000181662
Profile icon for Abdullah Al-Abdullah Abdullah Al-Abdullah M C 06/2024 2000181667
Profile icon for Edidiong Essien Edidiong Essien AM C 06/2024 29178766
Profile icon for Abdirashid Saeed Abdirashid Saeed AM C 06/2024 2000181666
Profile icon for Hamad Mansour Hamad Mansour AM R 05/2023 23273706
Profile icon for Muneer Muneer AM R, ST 06/2024 67257984
Profile icon for Saleh Saeed Halabi Saleh Saeed Halabi AM L 06/2024 23458601
Profile icon for Saoud Al-Nasr Saoud Al-Nasr AM L 05/2024 23458637
Profile icon for Gélson Dala Gélson Dala AM LC, F C 05/2025 13153835
Profile icon for Abdulghani Munir Mazeed Abdulghani Munir Mazeed AM RL 06/2024 23155692
Profile icon for Hazem Ahmed Shehata Hazem Ahmed Shehata AM RL 06/2025 23359979
Profile icon for Omar Ali Omar Ali AM RL 05/2023 2000045314
Profile icon for Ayoub Assal Ayoub Assal AM RLC, F C 06/2028 29217115
Profile icon for Mohamed Benyettou Mohamed Benyettou ST 06/2024 12030902