1. All summer transfers should be submitted as immediate (starting from the start of the game, NO MORE future transfers).
2. Duration on loans should be -1 year. Example: if a loan ends on June 2025 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until June 2024 (on site). If a loan end on December 2024 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until December 2023 (on site).
3. Those who submit STAFF changes, please provide an official source that shows the transfer/release. Transfermarkt isn't always trustworthy when it comes to staff.

4. If a transfer/staff change IS NOT accepted more than 2 times, that means something. So please, avoid spamming in this crucial period. Time is important.


Football Manager Transfer Update

Real Madrid 2024


Players (132)

Profile icon for Joan Mascaró Joan Mascaró AM L 06/2024 2000220094
Profile icon for Antonio Alexander Antonio Alexander AM L, ST 06/2024 2000227091
Profile icon for Pablo Montero Pablo Montero AM L 06/2026 2000284011
Profile icon for Manuel Ángel Manuel Ángel AM LC 06/2025 2000146335
Profile icon for Borja Borja AM LC 06/2026 2000217593
Profile icon for César Palacios César Palacios AM LC 06/2027 2000217846
Profile icon for David Serrano David Serrano AM LC 06/2024 2000222392
Profile icon for Vinícius Júnior Vinícius Júnior AM RL, ST 06/2027 19302146
Profile icon for Rodrygo Rodrygo AM RL, ST 06/2028 19306929
Profile icon for Kylian Mbappé Kylian Mbappé AM RL, ST 06/2029 85139014
Profile icon for Noel López Noel López AM RL, ST 06/2026 2000053498
Profile icon for Loren Zúñiga Loren Zúñiga AM RL, ST 06/2024 2000055376
Profile icon for Gonzalo Gonzalo AM RL, ST 06/2025 2000143029
Profile icon for Baba Baba AM RL 06/2024 2000163512
Profile icon for Nico Paz Nico Paz AM RL 06/2027 2000163799
Profile icon for Jeremy de León Jeremy de León AM RL 06/2027 2000211679
Profile icon for Erik Vázquez Erik Vázquez AM RL 06/2024 2000223877
Profile icon for Pol Rivera Pol Rivera AM RL 06/2026 2000277289
Profile icon for Daniel Yáñez Daniel Yáñez AM RL 06/2026 2000299363
Profile icon for José José AM RL 06/2028 2000310923
Profile icon for Gabriel Gabriel AM RL 06/2028 2000310928
Profile icon for Víctor Muñoz Víctor Muñoz AM RLC 06/2024 2000126470
Profile icon for Pol Fortuny Pol Fortuny AM RLC 06/2024 2000214902
Profile icon for Álvaro Ginés Álvaro Ginés AM/F C 06/2024 2000214896
Profile icon for Nico Sánchez Nico Sánchez AM/F C 06/2026 2000293343