Starting from today,  ALL SUMMER officially announced transfers, should be submitted as immediate!
Loans also, should be -1 year, since the game starts in summer 2022. For example, a real life loan ending on 30.6.2024, should be submitted as a loan until 30.6.2023.
Winter ending loans should be submitted until 31.12.2022 and not 31.12.2023 like in real life.

Football Manager Transfer Update

Adanaspor 2023


Players (34)

Profile icon for Lamin Jallow Lamin Jallow AM L, ST 06/2024 43266780
Profile icon for Pedro Nuno Pedro Nuno AM LC 06/2023 55078573
Profile icon for Samuel Tetteh Samuel Tetteh AM RL, ST 06/2023 13158411
Profile icon for Adolphe Bélem Adolphe Bélem AM RL, ST 06/2023 16232466
Profile icon for Hadi Sacko Hadi Sacko AM RL 06/2024 85080145
Profile icon for Ahmethan Köse Ahmethan Köse AM RLC, F C 06/2023 70110775
Profile icon for Burak Çoban Burak Çoban AM RLC 06/2024 91190271
Profile icon for Metehan Altunbaş Metehan Altunbaş AM/F C 06/2024 70121610
Profile icon for Burhan Tuzun Burhan Tuzun ST 06/2025 2000204355