1. All summer transfers should be submitted as immediate (starting from the start of the game, NO MORE future transfers).
2. Duration on loans should be -1 year. Example: if a loan ends on June 2025 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until June 2024 (on site). If a loan end on December 2024 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until December 2023 (on site).
3. Those who submit STAFF changes, please provide an official source that shows the transfer/release. Transfermarkt isn't always trustworthy when it comes to staff.

4. If a transfer/staff change IS NOT accepted more than 2 times, that means something. So please, avoid spamming in this crucial period. Time is important.


Football Manager Transfer Update

Everton 2024


Players (69)

Profile icon for Jarrad Branthwaite Jarrad Branthwaite D RLC 06/2027 29226000
Profile icon for Odin Samuels-Smith Odin Samuels-Smith D RLC 06/2024 2000215454
Profile icon for Nathan Patterson Nathan Patterson D/WB R 06/2027 61083649
Profile icon for George Finney George Finney D/WB R 06/2025 2000288701
Profile icon for Vitaliy Mykolenko Vitaliy Mykolenko D/WB L 06/2026 71104595
Profile icon for Jack Butler Jack Butler D/WB L 06/2025 2000215456
Profile icon for Kyle John Kyle John D/WB RL, M R 06/2024 28116389
Profile icon for Liam Higgins Liam Higgins D/WB/AM R 06/2024 28127117
Profile icon for Seamus Coleman Seamus Coleman D/WB/M R 06/2024 56001681
Profile icon for Roman Dixon Roman Dixon D/WB/M R 06/2024 2000143998
Profile icon for Ashley Young Ashley Young D/WB/M RL 06/2024 5113149
Profile icon for Stan Mills Stan Mills WB R, AM RLC 06/2025 2000027033
Profile icon for James Garner James Garner DM 06/2026 28115831
Profile icon for Tyler Onyango Tyler Onyango DM 06/2025 28127116
Profile icon for Abdoulaye Doucouré Abdoulaye Doucouré DM, AM C 06/2025 85027988
Profile icon for Idrissa Gueye Idrissa Gueye DM 06/2025 85032335
Profile icon for Amadou Onana Amadou Onana DM 06/2027 91207274
Profile icon for Luke Butterfield Luke Butterfield DM 06/2025 2000027043
Profile icon for Jenson Metcalfe Jenson Metcalfe DM 06/2026 2000134418
Profile icon for Harvey Foster Harvey Foster DM 06/2025 2000288696
Profile icon for Harrison Armstrong Harrison Armstrong DM, AM C 06/2025 2000288697
Profile icon for Callum Bates Callum Bates M C 06/2024 2000215453
Profile icon for Dele Alli Dele Alli AM C 06/2024 29085579
Profile icon for Matthew Apter Matthew Apter AM C 06/2025 2000215451
Profile icon for Jacob Beaumont-Clark Jacob Beaumont-Clark AM R 06/2024 2000215449