1. Submit players leaving on a free transfers (30.6) from official sites OR trustworthy blogs/sites. Avoid submitting transfers ONLY from transfermarkt, for now, they will be rejected. It's all about quality, not quantity.
. All summer transfers should be submitted as immediate (starting from the start of the game, NO MORE future transfers).
3. Duration on loans should be -1 year. Example: if a loan ends on June 2025 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until June 2024 (on site). If a loan end on December 2024 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until December 2023 (on site).
4. Those who submit STAFF changes, please provide an official source that shows the transfer/release. Transfermarkt isn't always trustworthy when it comes to staff.
. If a transfer/staff change IS NOT accepted more than 2 times, that means something. So please, avoid spamming in this crucial period. Time is important.


Football Manager Transfer Update

Nice 2024


Players (78)

Profile icon for Hédy Bechar Hédy Bechar AM C 06/2024 2000192295
Profile icon for Andréa Leborgne Andréa Leborgne AM C 06/2026 2000290586
Profile icon for Gaëtan Laborde Gaëtan Laborde AM R, ST 06/2026 85075725
Profile icon for Badredine Bouanani Badredine Bouanani AM R 06/2024 2000100062
Profile icon for Ebroni Gnoan Ebroni Gnoan AM R, ST 06/2025 2000130980
Profile icon for Yacine Haddad Yacine Haddad AM R 06/2025 2000192290
Profile icon for Kaïl Boudache Kaïl Boudache AM R 06/2025 2000290560
Profile icon for Brindon Espinas Brindon Espinas AM RC 06/2026 2000290797
Profile icon for Nainy Diallo Nainy Diallo AM L 06/2025 2000207103
Profile icon for Safy Bensalem Safy Bensalem AM L 06/2024 2000207104
Profile icon for Jérémie Boga Jérémie Boga AM LC 06/2027 28084880
Profile icon for Rareş Ilie Rareş Ilie AM LC 06/2024 2000045306
Profile icon for Ilyes Benlebsir Ilyes Benlebsir AM LC 06/2024 2000104918
Profile icon for Zion Atta Zion Atta AM LC 06/2025 2000143475
Profile icon for Billal Brahimi Billal Brahimi AM RL, ST 06/2024 29188479
Profile icon for Mohamed-Ali Cho Mohamed-Ali Cho AM RL, ST 06/2028 2000006280
Profile icon for Aliou Baldé Aliou Baldé AM RL 06/2028 2000047650
Profile icon for Sofiane Diop Sofiane Diop AM RLC 06/2026 49037827
Profile icon for Enguerrand Bouard Enguerrand Bouard AM/F C 06/2026 2000290800
Profile icon for Terem Moffi Terem Moffi ST 06/2027 47079007
Profile icon for Evann Guessand Evann Guessand ST 06/2026 49041006
Profile icon for Geoffroy Bony Geoffroy Bony ST 06/2024 2000099249
Profile icon for Yassine Mohamed Yassine Mohamed ST 06/2024 2000192299
Profile icon for Farès Bousnina Farès Bousnina ST 06/2024 2000192301
Profile icon for Hernani Mendes Vaz Hernani Mendes Vaz ST 06/2024 2000207106