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Football Manager Transfer Update
United States of America

Real Salt Lake 2023


Players (37)

Profile icon for Andrés Gómez Andrés Gómez AM R 12/2027 2000148761
Profile icon for Jefferson Savarino Jefferson Savarino AM RC 12/2025 86039716
Profile icon for Bode Hidalgo Bode Hidalgo AM LC, F C 12/2023 2000041933
Profile icon for Maikel Chang Maikel Chang AM RL 12/2022 20030398
Profile icon for Anderson Julio Anderson Julio AM RL, ST 12/2024 86053785
Profile icon for Benjamín Rodríguez Benjamín Rodríguez AM RL, ST 12/2023 2000009465
Profile icon for Pedro Fonseca Pedro Fonseca AM RL 12/2023 2000159198
Profile icon for Jack Imperato Jack Imperato AM RLC 11/2023 67278143
Profile icon for Rubio Rubin Rubio Rubin AM RLC, F C 12/2024 72042157
Profile icon for Bobby Wood Bobby Wood ST 12/2023 92022817
Profile icon for Yekeson Subah Yekeson Subah ST 11/2023 2000134427
Profile icon for Terron Williams Terron Williams ST 12/2024 2000164760