1. Submit players leaving on a free transfers (30.6) from official sites OR trustworthy blogs/sites. Avoid submitting transfers ONLY from transfermarkt, for now, they will be rejected. It's all about quality, not quantity.
. All summer transfers should be submitted as immediate (starting from the start of the game, NO MORE future transfers).
3. Duration on loans should be -1 year. Example: if a loan ends on June 2025 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until June 2024 (on site). If a loan end on December 2024 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until December 2023 (on site).
4. Those who submit STAFF changes, please provide an official source that shows the transfer/release. Transfermarkt isn't always trustworthy when it comes to staff.
. If a transfer/staff change IS NOT accepted more than 2 times, that means something. So please, avoid spamming in this crucial period. Time is important.


Football Manager Transfer Update

Udinese 2024


Players (73)

Profile icon for Diego Russo Diego Russo AM R 06/2024 2000103972
Profile icon for Florian Thauvin Florian Thauvin AM RC, F C 06/2025 85046587
Profile icon for Walid El Bouradi Walid El Bouradi AM RC 06/2026 2000298854
Profile icon for Davide Lazzaro Davide Lazzaro AM L 06/2025 2000244468
Profile icon for Isaac Success Isaac Success AM LC, F C 06/2025 13135061
Profile icon for Domingos Quina Domingos Quina AM LC 06/2024 28108046
Profile icon for Andreas Panagiotakopoulos Andreas Panagiotakopoulos AM LC 06/2025 2000240762
Profile icon for Denis Xhavara Denis Xhavara AM LC 06/2025 2000244465
Profile icon for Matheus Martins Matheus Martins AM RL 06/2024 19400560
Profile icon for Gerard Deulofeu Gerard Deulofeu AM RL, ST 06/2026 67107391
Profile icon for Raymond Asante Raymond Asante AM RLC 06/2027 2000204098
Profile icon for Leonardo Cella Leonardo Cella AM/F C 06/2025 2000244474
Profile icon for Sekou Diawara Sekou Diawara ST 06/2024 18115751
Profile icon for Brenner Brenner ST 06/2028 19302917
Profile icon for Keinan Davis Keinan Davis ST 06/2027 28107730
Profile icon for Lorenzo Lucca Lorenzo Lucca ST 06/2028 43409366
Profile icon for Vivaldo Semedo Vivaldo Semedo ST 06/2024 2000104444
Profile icon for Damián Pizarro Damián Pizarro ST 06/2029 2000142763
Profile icon for Luca Bonin Luca Bonin ST 06/2025 2000244490
Profile icon for Francesco Tedeschi Francesco Tedeschi ST 06/2026 2000271925
Profile icon for Giulio Vinciati Giulio Vinciati ST 06/2027 2000271926
Profile icon for Simone Mardero Simone Mardero ST 06/2026 2000298855
Profile icon for Giulio Mosca Giulio Mosca ST 06/2027 2000298856