1. All summer transfers should be submitted as immediate (starting from the start of the game, NO MORE future transfers).
2. Duration on loans should be -1 year. Example: if a loan ends on June 2025 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until June 2024 (on site). If a loan end on December 2024 (in real life), the loan should be submitted until December 2023 (on site).
3. Those who submit STAFF changes, please provide an official source that shows the transfer/release. Transfermarkt isn't always trustworthy when it comes to staff.

4. If a transfer/staff change IS NOT accepted more than 2 times, that means something. So please, avoid spamming in this crucial period. Time is important.


Football Manager Transfer Update

Udinese 2024


Staff (62)

Profile icon for Davide Camatta Davide Camatta Goalkeeping Coach (U20 Team) 43268435
Profile icon for Gianluca Parlato Gianluca Parlato Goalkeeping Coach (U18 Team) 47079348
Profile icon for Antonio Bovenzi Antonio Bovenzi Fitness Coach 829966
Profile icon for Eugenio Albarella Eugenio Albarella Fitness Coach 3803595
Profile icon for Francesco Tonizzo Francesco Tonizzo Fitness Coach 43043981
Profile icon for Andrea Ceccotto Andrea Ceccotto Fitness Coach (U20 Team) 43213155
Profile icon for Domenico Falco Domenico Falco Fitness Coach (U18 Team) 43268970
Profile icon for Enrico Moro Enrico Moro Fitness Coach 43322809
Profile icon for Andrea Colussa Andrea Colussa Fitness Coach (U20 Team) 43392380
Profile icon for Mattia Specogna Mattia Specogna Fitness Coach (U18 Team) 2000134312
Profile icon for Fabio Christian Tenore Fabio Christian Tenore Chief Doctor 43114152
Profile icon for Daniel Reguera Daniel Reguera Head Physio 28107330
Profile icon for Alessio Lovisetto Alessio Lovisetto Physio 43140343
Profile icon for Pasquale Iuliano Pasquale Iuliano Physio 43140350
Profile icon for Eros Gorizzizzo Eros Gorizzizzo Physio (U20 Team) 43140355
Profile icon for Francesco Fondelli Francesco Fondelli Physio 43213023
Profile icon for Ander Del Campo Gomez Ander Del Campo Gomez Physio 43616716
Profile icon for Emilio Del Fabro Emilio Del Fabro Physio (U20 Team) 43616717
Profile icon for Manuel Martini Manuel Martini Physio (U18 Team) 2000070833
Profile icon for Cristian Contador Cristian Contador Physio 2000240309
Profile icon for Antoine Sanchez Antoine Sanchez Physio 2000240310
Profile icon for Kristian Sbardellotto Kristian Sbardellotto Physio (U20 Team) 2000319555
Profile icon for Andrea Carnevale Andrea Carnevale Chief Scout 7990098
Profile icon for Roberto Policano Roberto Policano Scout 10274
Profile icon for Nenad Protega Nenad Protega Scout 140238