• Full transfer contracts have the same duration as in real life.
• Loans must be - 1 year, since the game starts in June/July 2018.
• Submit transfers happening in July 2019 real life, as immediate & not future transfers.
• Make sure you provide a detailed and specific proof for each player.

FM Transfer Update
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  1. Bucheon 1995
  2. Lee In-Kyu

South Korea Lee In-Kyu

66034952 · Plays for Bucheon 1995

South Korea Footballer Lee In-Kyu in 2019. Data profile of Lee In-Kyu who is contracted to Bucheon 1995. For primary use with Football Manager 2019.
16 Born on 16th September 1992
Plays as D C
£614 p/w until 31st December 2018
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