• Transfers have the same expiry date as in real life. ONLY loans are -1 year, since the game starts in 2021.
• If you want to help the project run faster, make sure you submit transfers with AS MUCH DETAILS AS POSSIBLE (contract expiry date, numbers, options etc).
• The more official the site the better. Transfermarkt isn't always the best or 100% accurate source.

Football Manager Transfer Update
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Radomir Koković

62028220 · Contracted to Göztepe SK

Born on 6th January 1984
Role: Assistant Manager (First Team)

Historical Changes

Last updated on 22nd September 2022
  • Transferred to Göztepe SK, Contract expiry set to 30/06/2023, Staff role changed to Assistant Manager (First Team).

    yablogigi v22.4
  • Uncontracted

Free Agent
Göztepe SK